This device can drive logic-level signals onto all 40 pins of a Zero Insertion Force ZIF socket, as well as providing ground, adjustable power and high-voltage programming signals onto common IC footprints. More other chips updates. There are lots of info in the docuementation including reverse engineering for the protocol. The software works on Windows XP,Vista,7,8,8. For specific Window version driver only: This driver does not work on older version GQ-4X. Fact sheet Nature of Business Manufacturer.

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By Peter Zieba November 17, – 2: Thanks for sharing One more question: Hi, I have the same error: The device is the Top, a reasonably capable Chinese EPROM programmer that we discussed previously in an article talking about how awful the vendor-supplied software is.

By Proframmer September 24, – 8: Win 10 32 bit Win 10 64 top2005 universal programmer OR Installer in.


We had to find out what was the top2005 universal programmer.

By Carl September 11, – 8: Top2005 universal programmer it my problem or have you omitted some files? By openschemes September 29, – 6: What windows version are you top2005 universal programmer By Elgen April 4, – 9: Where from could I download the libusb installer? And from all our analysis, the hardware inside is fairly reasonable, save for the occasional fright from low-end design techniques.

Cheap TOP EEPROM Programmer. It Sucks – Or Does it? | Openschemes

A USB to parallel adapter talks to an clone microcontroller. Mobile Top2005 universal programmer Please enter Mobile Number. Hi, I have suppossedly the 6. Please enter Mobile Number. One suggestion would be to sniff the USB communication of the vendor software to see how the commands are properly used.

Glad to see some progress. By Jan April 1, – 4: Retailer of development boards, sensors etc. I agree to the terms and privacy policy.


Hi, At first, thanks for this hack. Since the programmer can supply power from 2. Email will not be published required.

Universal Programmer TOP 2005

Looks like the programmers are quite similar! There are lots of info in the universsl including reverse engineering for the top2005 universal programmer. Should I install it to run the exe? By Papat44 March 6, – 2: Motorola S record format conversion utilities. By openschemes October 25, – 7: For more details, contact. That would be very good. The number of chips supported is not updated since What can be the problem?

Thanks for pointing it out!