To post a comment you need to Log in. Looks like the factory calibration does provide a reliable setup for the screen which should be fine for most casual users once they’ve adjusted the brightness setting. LaCie would consider colour fidelity to be very good overall. OSD control buttons on the bottom right hand edge. Unfortunately, such is not always the case in practice. On the other hand, the Dell UH has somewhat better input lag that makes it very responsive and will be appreciated mostly by gamers. The CIE diagram on the left of the image confirms that the monitors colour gamut black triangle is roughly equal to the sRGB colour space.

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The luminance at which the calibration was executed. Flickering pattern at different luminosities. There was some slight gradation evident as you will see from most monitors in darker tones. The other factor which can influence flicker is the amplitude of the PWM, measuring the difference in brightness output between the ‘on’ and ‘off’ states.

Dell UH Review – TFT Central

Bright highlights, persistent during a scene. There were some very slight cross-hatching patterns visible on the coating if you looked very closely, but nothing to the extent of what some people find problematic on the UHM model.

It does seem to work though, providing compatibility with DVI graphics cards at least. Here, 4 of them are on the underside back with the video connections, and 1 is on the uu2515h of the screen the charging capable port since the profile of the screen is too thin to really make them easy to include on the edge of the screen.


Dell U2515H IPS LCD Monitor

CIE Diagram – validates the colour space covered by the monitors backlighting in a 2D view, with the black triangle representing the displays gamut, and other reference colour spaces shown for comparison. Bright objects, present on screen for a short time. Backlight Dimming and Flicker. You can use our settings and try our calibrated ICC profile if you wish, which are available in our ICC profile database.

The picture quality is sub-par due to the TN panel, and the image also loses accuracy when viewed at an angle. Average Static Contrast Ratio.

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Calibration from factory with included report. Already have an account? These awards won’t be given out every time, but look out for the logo at the bottom of the conclusion. It gives you access to the dynamic contrast ratio control if you want to dll it as well.

The average G2G response time was more accurately measured at 9. Default gamma was recorded at 2.

Average of the squared difference of the blacks. The rest is largely unchanged, except for the aspect ratio options which we talk about below. It doesn’t have the DPI of ultra-HD or 4k displays, but it is a bit different from a 27″ model with the same resolution.


All as expected really from a modern IPS panel. I had to purchase a new video card to get one with high enough resolution before the monitor would work.

I was concerned with the light bleed issues with IPS monitors, but with this refurbished unit I got in testing it actually had less light fell than the WPF monitor! When both the overclocking and VRR features are used.

The older stopwatch based methods were the common way to measure this in the past, but through advanced studies have been shown to be quite inaccurate. The other thing is the power button is very, very hard to turn on and off. IR after 2 min recovery.

I fell miss not having a card reader built in, but the improvement in how easy it is to tilt, swivel and raise this monitor is worth it.

A good factory calibration requires all 3 to be well set h2515h. Be the first to review this item. A summary of the screens ergonomic adjustments is shown below: For gamers though, the monitor feels incredibly responsive when at fps due to the low input lag and lack of motion blur.