After selecting this option, a confirmation appears. Comments Comments have been closed for this entry. Asus pundit-r ab-p a valid country. Use the navigation keys to select items in the menu and change the settings. I had dozens of phone calls for this with Asus. I’m having all sorts of issues sadly. I’ve tried to use the utility provided on the Asus disks to no avail.

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Defective Asus pundit r and Facts Edition. The problem is that the thermal system is buggy. Sorry saus hijack this blog for support questions. I would like to download a set of drivers and utils asus pundit-r ab-p same as the unit came with.

Download Asus Pundit-R SoundMAX Audio Driver for Windows 2K, Windows XP

Works like a charm! I forgot that Intel machines unlike AMD systems need the memory loaded in pairs. Submitted by chip on Tue, Oct – 2: All of the pictures and asus pundit r contained within the www. The barcode on the back asus pundit-r ab-p the machine identifies it as a pundit r.

Maximum security Ever lost your data? If you hate those ugly generic oversized computer cases and need a small nimble puundit that will fulfil most if asus pundit r all of your needs then these little buggers from ASUS are worth looking at!


I didn’t get any CDs with drivers with it, but you guys seem to be the end all of all knowledge esp chip on these beasts. I restrapped the DVD drive for slave moving it from hda to hdb and things got a whole lot better. I just bought asus pundit r Asus Asus pundit r, and discovered it’s a total wossname to get setup. Please keep up the good work.

Right-click an area in your desktop to display a pop-up menu. I’m looking forward to digitizing my music collection pundjt putting the CDs in storage. Actually the above people solved this, thanks for that! I had a spare MB asus pundit r module that I planned to use. Had the same problem with pio vs dma mode. Allows you asus pundit r enable or disable the onboard asus pundit-r ab-p Next steps are to move to component or HDMI video connection, for better display quality, and then investigate adding remote control support.

Pundit-R | ASUS Global

Configuring Postfix mail submission to support Asus pundit r client certificates. The features list is long and quite impressive pnudit a system this size and Price! Doing anything other than a and b will result in the drive showing up punsit either Master, or not at all. I had a bit of difficulty getting the pieces assembled because it’s such a small, asus pundit r space.


I thought I was going to have to replace it with a longer cable, but I eventually got it together.

ASUS Pundit-R + Ubuntu Linux = Media PC

This system has a phenomenal range of built-in features. With the tray retracted the hinge closes. Asus pundit-r ab-p a valid country.

The drive sits behind a spring-loaded door that hinges open when the tray is ejected. I had dozens of phone calls for asus pundit r with Asus. I replaced it with a silent 70mm fan from central computers. Comments Comments have been closed for this entry. I’m looking at buying one of these and running MCE on it and sticking under the TV, but I’m concerned about processor fan asus pundit r – how noisy is it. Mine runs a 2.